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Pamper your pet

Safe & stress free transportation from breeder to your home


Safe, Comfortable & Relaxed


Reliable, Convenient & Peace of Mind


International & Domestic Deliveries

SkyPetz LLC offers VIP treatment in a relaxed environment when transporting your pet to their new home.

Air travel is one of the safest modes of transportation and we are excited you have chosen us to be a part of this wonderful journey.

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How we all come together...

Our mission is providing a safe and healthy stress free environment throughout your pet's journey to their new home. Whether it's across the states or across the country, safety is our #1 priority!

Cute Puppy

Purchase of new fur-baby & getting them home


Your fur-baby's first flight ever can be scary for everyone involved in the process, which is why we only have the best nannies in the industry with experienced skills.  We are ready to make your pets journey a memorable one.


A SkyPetz nanny will meet and greet your breeder at the airport of their choice for pick up and will deliver your pet to you via air transportation to your airport of choice. Breeder and buyer will choose a date and time which is convenient to you.  We then create a match with a nanny for your delivery.  A trustworthy SkyPetz LLC nanny will be dedicated solely to your pet and their needs.

Aircraft travel, safest modes of transportation


Your pet will fly comfortably in the cabin with one of our highly skilled SkyPetz nannies' whom have extensive training in the aviation field and are extremely familiar with the aircrafts rules and regulations. Your babies are sure to be in the safest hands with SkyPetz nannies! You will receive continuous updates from the minute your baby is picked up, throughout their journey and upon arrival.

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SkyPetz Journey with your baby

Our SkyPetz nannies are professional, loving and trustworthy with all pets and are fully equipped with new carriers, pup pads and wipes, food and water (provided by breeder). SkyPetz nannies are trained to handle over anxious babies and will make them feel secure with vocal attention and sense of touch while traveling. You will never have concerns about your pet coming in contact with any possible infectious diseases during this journey because SkyPetz nannies will never allow pets out of their site and never use pet relief areas.


We also adhere to a strict privacy policy and do not allow strangers to pet, carry/handle or photograph any pet while in our care. The pups will be provided with adequate potty and exercise breaks if needed in a private enclosed space for their protection.


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Day of Arrival

Simply meet your nanny at the airport of your choice to pick up your new fur-baby. Its as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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